About Me

I am a photographer with an interest in interpreting the emotional response to place. My work seeks to represent the intrinsic character of a landscape in a way that immerses the viewer in my visualisation of the world around me. I primarily work in my own local area and have an intimate knowledge of place that shines through in my photography. Through my work I show the environmental importance and beauty of local natural green places. As a photographer I am interested in the composition of images and the relationship of objects with the light and space around them. My work often explores the movement found in nature, for example the flow of water in a stream, or the movement of plants in the wind. Viewing my work can be described as a contemplative and reflective experience, the image seeking to evoke an emotional response from the viewer.

I work in both digital and film formats. I am interested in using alternative and sustainable developers to process film and to print from it, and also use digital images combined with cameraless techniques to produce unique and experimental prints. Often substances from the place itself are used in processing my work.